Oct 25, 2005

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Conference papers

Paper on research in pharmaceutical industry, impact of biotechnology on pharmaceutical industry, initial trial to link R&D innovation patterns and systemic evolution / punctuated equilibrium concepts as example for systemic evolutionary change patterns in history of technology -- link broken

Strategy, The Path of History and Social Evolution This paper links postmodernist and evolutionary perspectives on strategy. Argues for view of history as cognitive evolutionary process. Tries to persuade postmodernists that perspectives and knowledge are relative, but not compeltely so and that evolutionary framework might be one good tool for integration. Works towards the argument that different perspectives should be employed and reconciled in scientific research.

Routines, Economic Selection and Economic Evolution: Critique and Possibilities The paper dicusses the concept of routines critically, proposes cognitive alternative.

Kraus, S.K. Reschke, C. H.: Strategic Planning as Prerequisite for Growth and Success of SMEs. A Literature Review and Implications. Literature review on strategic planning in SMEs. Links to industry evolution and strategy perspective.

Evolutionary Processes and History of Economics describes the discussion of some issues in the Theory of Firm between Alchian, Penrose and Friedman as evolutionary process. These discuss about the usefuleness of evolutionary concepts in economics. I show how some evolutionary processes / principles may be applied to the development of their perspectives.

Foundations for a Theory of the Organization in Human Ethology. Links Konrad Lorenz (human) ethology to organization and innovation studies. Since then I have changed my opinion somewhat: Lorenz conception is useful in that he calls for a combination of cognitive and evolutionary models / programs. His ethological research falls short of this aim, although it seems to have been his intellectual basis for this claim. Research by human ehtologists like Eibl-Eibesfeldt is more relevant in the context of possibly economically relevant evolutionary foundations of and limits to human behavior. This needs to be linkd to psychology, of course. For practical matters cognitive and other schools in psychology alone often suffice. However, if we want to know whether and how far we can expect to change human perceptions and behavior, we can profit from human ethology and evolutionary psychology. In turn, evolutionary psychology suffers from the speculative character of some of its statements and a lack of a "testable" original "evolutionary adaptive environment", when human perception and behavior is said to have evolved.

Evolutionary Perspectives on Simulations of Social Systems discusses possibilities and tools for simulation of evolutionary processes in the social sciences

Book Reviews:
The Economics of Copyright: Developments in Research and Analysis Book review

Review of Bela H. Banathy, Guided Evolution in Society: A Systems View, JASSS, 6/2 Book review

Review of Kurt Dopfer (ed.), Evolutionary Economics: Program and Scope, JASSS, 6/4 Book review

Report on savings potential in Berlin education system, commissioned by GEW, long version

Report on savings potential in Berlin education system, commissioned by GEW, short version