Jan 22, 2006

Scientific Goals

(Instead of translating the German post below, I'll just put here what has evolved from that.)

Scientific Goals

The overarching perspective of my interests is the issue of strategic change of social systems. That means how we as individuals and groups can influence, steer and control the development of groups of humans and our societies and where the limits to such undertakings are. The latter of the two questions is probably the more relevant one, particularly if we want to preserve social systems / mankinds adaptability to unforeseen and unforeseeable developments. This approach to social change leads to an evolutionary foundation and "Begründung" of democracy as state form that allows for, gives room to and preserves variety in the face of social pressures for uniformity, similarity, and pressures against all kind of influences perceived as "foreign". Today is and in the future democracy should become even more under pressure from rising power aggregations of increasingly larger, powerful (multinational) companies, difficulties of politicians in handling and society in dealing with social and economic problems arising from technological change, globalization and the associated social repercussions.

Obviously, one can use this approach for good and evil goals. My intention is of an humanistic kind.

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