Apr 9, 2012

Paper by Simon Robinson on Complexity, innovation and history of science

This paper of +Simon Robinson is really interesting as it points at the connections between the history / philosophy of science, information ecology and evolution, a complexity perspective, organisational worldviews and the need for complexity reduction in business. 

Personally, I take a Machian / Jamesian monist, pragmatist resp. radical empiricist position, which stresses the importance of considering the partial, evolutionary character of knowledge, which grows over time based on observation and inclusion of facts into thought systems, that happen to influence what is seen and collected as further observations. 

This matters also for organizations in general and businesses in particular that are build around values and cultures that define customer needs (problems), solutions (products), and approaches to identify and validate these through the lenses of market research, accounting / management information systems as well as softer foresight tools.

Institutional and organisational cultural systems are hard to change because underlying worldviews and information filters in internal and external data collection and analysis systems are strongly intertwined and reinfoce each other, creating a shared illusion which may be in alignment with market / stakeholders 'demand' - or not.

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