Dec 4, 2005

Publications - paper based

some publications - partly relevant to the next post

Reschke, C.H. and Kraus, S. (2005): An Evolutionary Approach to Innovation and Strategy in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, in: Rebernik, M., Mulej, M., Rus, M., Kroslin, T. (Hg.): Shaping the Environment for Innovation Transfer, IRP (Maribor) , 175-186.

Kraus, S., Reschke. C.H. (2004): Evolutionäres Strategisches Management von Gründungsunternehmen, FGF Entrepreneurship Research Monographien, Bd. 44, Eul Verlag.

Reschke, C.H. (2005): Strategy, Action, Perception and Performance: An Evolutionary Learning Perspective on Organizations, Proceedings CD, British Academy of Management 2005, Oxford. ISBN 0-9549608-1-5

Reschke, C.H. and Kraus, S.K. (2005) Strategy and Strategic Management as Process of Social Evolution - An Introductory Overview over Relevant Perspectives, Proceedings CD, BAM 2005, Oxford.

Kraus, S.K., Reiche, B.S., Reschke, C.H. (2005) The Missing Role of Strategic Planning In SMEs: Literature Review and Research Implications, Proceedings CD, BAM 2005, CD, Oxford.

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