Jun 19, 2012

Behavioral reasons for organizational complexity?

 On quora I have asked a question about the causes of orga complexity:

"Do you think the evolutionary basis of human behavior can be invoked to explain the 'complexification' of organizational structures and processes?"
Here is a short into to the answer by Mario Alemi
"Yes and no. Yes it has an evolutionary basis, no is not mainly about our behavior. It's that an organization will evolve naturally towards more complex states.
First, we have to think of "evolutionary basis" not as a doctrine, but as an obvious statement –if one organization fits better to the environment, it will survive over a less fit one. "
Particularly interesting is the following afterthought on evolutionary behavior by Mario:
"As a day-after-thought... the idea that "no is not mainly about our behavior" is maybe too strong. You can actually see our behavior as the best to create efficient organizations. From an evolutionary psychology POV we evolved so that we tend to create subnetworks in an organization. In an organization, there is probably a struggle between the common good (divide the macro-tasks in sub-tasks and have people do what it is needed to be done) and people, who feel they should do what they think can do best. But that's a HR problem..."
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