Jun 19, 2012

Development "vs." sales dilemma in lean startup methodology

The lean startup approach forces adherents to focus on development and sales in new product / company development, which creates a hen and egg issue: you need to do both, developing and sales. One issue with developing the perfect product is that nobody (or too few for the price and development cost) will want to buy it - hence the requirement to go out and find customers (and learn what they have to say, how they want it changed and so on).
However, if you go out early with a crappy product / design, it may hurt you in terms of reputation esp. if you get a wide exposure and are 'burnt'. So you have to be really cautious in finding mainly those that are interested and not losing too many that will not like what you created.
It's an iterative process where you follow sales and tech development routes at the same time. That is likely to be draining your attention and resources. Basically you have to focus on two things at the same time. Impossible if you do not have the people to do the tasks and processes to interface them properly.

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