Jun 19, 2012

Discussion on complexity measurement in LinkedIn Orga Design Group

I posted on organizational complexity reduction in what might become an interesting discussion on Linkedin's Organizational Design Community:
"If you meant me wrt defining complexity: The use is made from a 'pragmatic usage perspective' focussed on the need to measure a proxy and certainly somewhat in flux. It may be that complication is the better term as hinted at above, but I need to know more about the understanding of complication here.
So, I would measure it ('complication-complexity') as the frequency and strength of interactions among members of an organization - currently.
I would include in the definition of the concept additionally rules and constraints that enable or hinder organizational interactions, processes and structural relationships between organizational 'members' or 'subsystems'."
Here the link to the discussion - be aware you need to join Linkedin and the group:

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