Feb 11, 2012

How can strategy models be developed further on the academic level?

As argued in a discussion on the limitations of strategy models, I would seek to extend strategy concepts, models, or frameworks in two areas to cope with the shortcomings of strategic decision making: 

a) by researching and formulating the psychological of strategy to deal with framing issues, filtering and selection of information that is used in deriving and 'updating', resp. challenging strategy conceptions in firms.


b) it still remains an issue why relevant information is not 'used' by an organization, even if individuals take account of information.

Thus, the psychological perspective needs be complemented by a organizational perspective on how the different views of actors are aggregated into strategic decisions and actions on the relevant organizational levels: How do organizations weigh the different pieces of information and 'compute' the strategy / action result(s)?

What is your opinion on this approach?
A discussion I have started in Strategy Professionals Group on Linkedin:

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