Feb 11, 2012

Towards improved strategy concepts

Where and how do we need to beyond existing models of strategy? 

What are the issues that need to be tackled by 'improved' strategy models? 

How should strategy models address these issues?

There seems to be a certain need to go beyond existing strategy concepts based on an increasingly complex and changing competitive landscape. This requirement does not result only from a thirst for novelty and marketing, but rather an inability of existing approaches to deal with today's situation. However, how these models should look like, what they should address in terms of structural features and on which level of granularity they should be constructed remains unclear.

As argued in the discussion existing strategy models, I would look into issues such as:
a) Why are certain players (not) seen as potential competitors or entrants? 

b) Why are developments not perceived? 

c) How are current and potential markets 'defined'? 
How are alternatives perceived, framed and 'sold'?
d) What is filtered out and discounted in strategic decisions and why?
How can the above view and questions be operationalized from your point of view? Or: Why might they be wrong?

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